A Memorial Dedicated to the 9/11 Victims

A sculptor's concept, flexible in design and scale.

I have taken a fragment of the World Trade Center and reproduced it to scale. Mounted along the vertical columns are faces rising and fading skyward, symbolizing the victims of 9/11. The faces are purposely androgynous, representing all of the victims, their sightless eyes blind as to the reason for their murder. The monument is designed to be an area of reflection, with benches surrounding the sculpture and the sound of waterfalls enhancing the calming effect.

The monument incorporates a series of waterfalls that begin flowing down the vertical columns and faces into the top granite pool and continue to cascade downwards into a series of descending pools (see cutaway view).

All along the two foot wide ledge surrounding the pools are inscribed the names of the victims of 9/11. They are deeply etched, sandblasted into the black granite.

Collaboration with landscape architect and lighting engineer is suggested. Drawings and photographs of the sculpture are available upon request, please call with your questions.