Thomas Paine Monument

Sponsored by the Thomas Paine Foundation for the City of Philadelphia
a Sculpture by Joseph H. Dougherty

(Above)Detail of life size bronze Thomas Paine Memorial sculpted by Joseph H. Dougherty for Visitors Center in Washington Crossing Historic Park,
Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania

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enlarged view.


Click on drawing for
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To let people know the enormous influence Paine's ideas had on our American Revolution. Many recognize his name but don't realize how many basic American political values come from the genius of his writings. The greatest goal for this monument would be to spotlight his ideals, which we are still trying to achieve and maintain today.

Description of Monument
A beautiful, figurative portrayal of Thomas Paine will be a focal point for the creation of an environment where people can sit, read and ponder the thoughts of our greatest political philosopher. The monument is composed of a bronze and granite sculpture flanked by granite benches and planters. The sculpture incorporates a waterfall that flows across Paine's desk and cascades down the front into a small pool. The visual imagery alludes to the flow of ideas originating from the mind and pen of Thomas Paine. Engraved on the base of the sculpture are quotations from his writings and some of his many accomplishments.

The historic "Old City" section of Philadelphia could not be a more appropriate site for a Thomas Paine monument. After Paine's arrival in Philadelphia, he wrote the pamphlet Common Sense, making the argument for the colonists separation from the monarchy. As a main contributor to revolutionary thought Philadelphia should join in honoring Paine as a worthy citizen.

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Thomas Paine Memorial
at Washington Crossing Historic Park