A strong figurative sculptor, working life-size or larger, Joseph often experiments with different mediums and combinations of style for a unique approach that is all his own. One can appreciate the strong academic training he received from Tyler School of Art. His technical skill in portrayal of the human form give his contemporary sculpture a classical edge. In the presence of Joseph’s work, I was reminded of the sculptures of Rodin and Brancusi. Brancusi for his innovation and flexibility in style and technique and Rodin in his rejection of the sentimental idealism often portrayed in traditional sculpture. He captures the pain and suffering of the often imperfect human figure and soul. Joseph, like Brancusi, hasn’t limited his choice of materials. They range from black rubber, glass, stone-cast and acrylic resin, to the incorporation of light and water. Using modern technical devices that allow the observer to become a part of the work, Joseph continues to experiment with non-traditional elements.

     The passion that Joseph has for life is clearly evident in his work. Refreshingly, he prefers his art to stand by itself, without the need for complex philosophical interpretations. Luminous and full of expression, his work transmits feelings deeper than your average contemporary would admit to. Some, almost bursting with life, are not unlike many of Michaelangelo’s stone pieces. His art is truly a reflection of life as he sees it. To observe his work is to see the human figure and beyond into the spirit of that being.

     His work includes realistic studies, such as that of Thomas Paine, on permanent display at Washington Crossing State Park, Washington Crossing, PA. Joseph was particularly intrigued with the possibilities of executing a portrait of an historic figure from limited reference to work from. The Thomas Paine Foundation comments "This is how we picture Thomas Paine."

     Joseph is a member of the Trenton Artist Workshop Association, The National Sculpture Society and the International Sculpture Center.

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Pennington, NJ 08534